Who We Are

The Dart Foundation is a private family foundation established in 1984 by William A. and Claire T. Dart.

Over the years, the Dart Foundation has granted $90,000,000 to support causes that foster change at the local level.

We are proud of our nimble approach to philanthropy.  We continue to believe, as our founders did, that by listening to our local communities our work not only remains strategic and relevant, but maximizes the impact of our investments too.

Three generations of family now serve on the Board to carry out our founder’s legacy while also being flexible to meet today’s greatest needs. 

“I’m honored to be part of a legacy that began with my parents to benefit and strengthen the communities we serve. We continue to listen to our community members to ensure we build a better future together.”

Bob Dart, Board President

Our Staff

Leanne Richard (Program Associate)
Emily Matthews (Executive Director)
Traci Goulding (Program Associate)

Board Members

Bob Dart (Board President)
Ken Dart
Jim Lammers
Arianna Wooledge