We are pleased that you are interested in learning more about the Dart Foundation's mission and grant process. We value the time and resources that organizations spend trying to secure funding. We therefore strongly encourage you to review the following guidelines to help determine whether your project aligns well with our mission and funding preferences before applying.

WHAT We Fund

The Foundation considers requests from tax-qualified organizations (must have a successful track record of at least three years) for projects that support:

  • Public school education, with an emphasis on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) as well as career and technical training in the skilled trades
    • Most grants directly fund the public schools in one of our geographic funding areas (see “Where We Fund”)
    • For additional details, see our School Guidelines
  • Community Service organizations in one of our geographic funding areas (see "Where We Fund") that otherwise meet our funding criteria and have a strong tangible or capital improvement need

We prefer to support projects that:

  • Fund tangible needs such as equipment, capital improvements and reusable materials that provide a long-term impact and enhance an organization’s effectiveness
  • Serve a large number of people
  • Reach a broad segment of the community, as opposed to limited sub-set of the population
  • Provide a plan for independent sustainability, and do not require continued funding from the Foundation year after year
    • Most projects are not eligible for funding from the Foundation on an on-going basis. We prefer to fund independently sustainable or “stand-alone” projects

WHAT We Do Not Fund

The Foundation will not consider requests for funding:

  • Salaries, feasibility studies, overhead or “one-time” use items such as food, clothing, and toiletries
  • Individuals, including scholarships, awards or personal emergency relief
  • Denominational, sectarian or religious organizations (except for those that are broadly promoted, available to everyone regardless of faith and are free from overtly religious messaging)
  • International organizations
  • Endowments
  • Arts (except for public school music education programs)
  • Sports teams, equipment or related expenses (includes Electronic Sports (Esports) and gaming)
  • Political parties, candidates or organizations
  • Politically divisive issues such as immigration, women’s reproductive health, and the second amendment (guns)
  • Non-tax qualified organizations such as service clubs, fraternal organizations and Chambers of Commerce
  • Sponsorships (except for science and engineering fairs)


Grants are focused on the immediate vicinities of specifically identified communities across the United States. 

They are:

  • CA: Chino, Corona  and Lodi
  • FL: Deerfield Beach, Plant City and Sarasota
  • GA:Conyers,  Lithonia, Social Circle and Thomaston
  • ID: Twin Falls
  • IL: Lincolnshire, North Aurora, University Park, Urbana, and parts of Chicago; contact us for specific guidance in Chicago
  • KY: Horse Cave and Owensboro
  • MD: Federalsburg
  • MI: Mid-Michigan; primarily in Ingham and Eaton Counties with limited grant-making in Clinton and Jackson Counties. 
  • MS: Quitman
  • NC: Randleman
  • OK:Ada
  • PA: Leola and Lancaster
  • TX: Dallas, Grand Prairie and Waxahachie;contact us for specific guidance in Dallas
  • WA: Lacey and Tumwater

WHEN We Fund

Decisions are made by our trustees on a quarterly basis. You will receive a decision as soon as possible, but generally within 8-10 weeks of our quarterly application deadlines listed below. Organizations should plan their requests around these decision-making timeframes because the Foundation is not able to expedite requests to fit individual projects or program schedules. 

APPLY For A Grant

The Foundation uses an online application and reporting process. Only applications submitted through our online system will be considered for funding. You will need to use Google Chrome as your web browser to access our site.

We want to ensure that all organizations understand the Foundation’s grant guidelines and specific eligibility requirements before expending time on a request for funding. In addition to the specific requirements outlined above, please be advised that your grant must serve individuals in one of the above-stated communities AND must also be in a philanthropic area of interest funded by the Foundation in order to be considered.

If your request meets these requirements, we would encourage you to consider applying for a grant. Please note that we value your time and encourage you to contact us to obtain feedback on a particular project or funding request if you have questions after you have read all of the content on our website.

  • If your request is in a denomination between $2,000 and $5,000, you are invited to apply using our abbreviated form.
    • The vast majority of Foundation grants are awarded in this denomination.
    • All geographic areas listed above are eligible to apply for grants in this denomination.
  • The Foundation generally “proactively” seeks funding opportunities that exceed $5,000.
    • In certain circumstances, the Foundation will consider a request advanced independently by an organization, but such instances are rare and generally only occur in the following geographic areas:
      • Chicago, IL
      • Horse Cave, KY
      • Leola, PA
      • Mid-Michigan
      • Sarasota, FL
      • Waxahachie, TX
    • Organizations seeking a grant in a denomination greater than $5,000 in one of the above-mentioned communities may contact us to discuss the project to determine whether the Foundation is willing to extend an invitation to apply.
    • Please note that requests that exceed $5,000 usually require additional time for approval, sometimes as long as 12–15 weeks from the quarterly application deadline. 


Log in here to:
- Review your previous grant requests
- Submit your Letter of Agreement for a recently approved grant
- Submit your Grant Report for a completed project (required most frequently for grants exceeding $5,000)
- Complete an in-process grant request
- A project budget is required for all grant requests. Budgets must show an itemized descriptive list of items to be purchased showing the cost of each item and total amount. Applicants may use our budget template or create their own budget (actual invoices are allowed). View our budget template and guidelines.


If after fully reviewing our website you still have specific questions not contained on the site, contact us via our online portal.