2019 Annual Report

Thirty-five years have passed since W.A. and Claire Dart established the Dart Foundation and set in motion a philanthropic legacy built on their values and passion for improving communities. Read More.

2018 Annual Report

At the Dart Foundation, we strive to improve the quality of life in our Giving Communities one grant at a time. Read More.

2017 Annual Report

Grantmaking at the Dart Foundation focuses on finding opportunities that not only align with our mission but also leverage our partners’ resources to create a substantial impact. Read More.

2016 Annual Report

In this edition of our Annual Report, the Dart Foundation is proud to honor the inspiration and legacy of W.A. and his wife of over sixty years, Claire. It is also our pleasure to highlight the work of a few organizations that, through creative and bold thinking, are paving the way to a future that… Read More.

2015 Annual Report

This year’s Annual Report is dedicated to demonstrating how mission matters at the Dart Foundation. You’ll read about our support of programs around the nation that align with our mission and enhance the lives of thousands of people each year. We are honored to be part of the work of these organizat… Read More.

2014 Annual Report

Since its inception, the Dart Foundation has placed a special emphasis on science education. This has resulted in a 67% increase in the number of STEM grants and a 78% increase in funds for STEM grants since 2012. Read More.

2013 Annual Report

In April of 2013, the Dart Foundation committed $100,000 to the Mason Public Schools to implement a program to create a 21st Century worker by full exposure to cross curricular math, science, and vocational technology classes, reaching a wide spectrum of students at all grade levels. Read More.

2012 Annual Report

With significant support from the Dart Foundation, Impression 5 Science Center embarked on a comprehensive renovation project to include facility upgrades, new exhibits and expanded educational programs. Read More.

2011 Annual Report

William A. (“W.A.”) Dart, Founder and Chairman of Dart Container Corporation and Board Chairman of the Dart Foundation, passed away on December 2, 2011 at the age of 84. Read More.

2010 Annual Report

In 2010, the Dart Foundation helped fund equipment, materials, supplies and teacher training for a Project Lead the Way (PLTW) program. PLTW is a national educational program that helps middle and high school students develop strong backgrounds in science and engineering. Read More.

2009 Annual Report

Michigan Science Olympiad engages middle and high school students each year in science inquiry teams. Since 2004, the Dart Foundation has served as the sole sponsor of the state tournament which brings together the top 1,400 students at MSU in May of each year. Read More.

2008 Annual Report

The Dart Award for Excellence in Reporting on Trauma in 2008 went to the Cleveland Plain Dealer for “Johanna: Facing Forward,: a nine-day series written by Rachel Dissell that traced events leading to the shooting of 18 year old Johanna Orozco by her 17 year old boyfriend. Read More.

2007 Annual Report

In August of 2007, the Dart Foundation awarded a major grant to the Education Foundation of Sarasota County, Florida to provide 800 fourth-grade students with recycled computers. Read More.

2006 Annual Report

At the Dart Foundation, we are committed to developing scientifically literate students. As part of this, we sponsored the 2006 Mechanical Engineering’s Design Day for pre-collegiate learners. Read More.